Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Doodles and Watercolor and Finding its way in.

 I doodled most of the day yesterday. I am trying to control wet media normally called watercolor. This medium has tempted me many times to throw my hands up in frustration and feel a hard lump in my chest. So, I practice. I practice. I practice. And hope for the best. I know watercolor will always elude me somehow. I say it kicks my butt. (sorry for that description for any delicate eared people reading this post.) Thats the only way I can describe it.

The pic above is on 140 lb hardpressed paper using watercolor and watercolor crayons. I usually throw down some colors and start working from there. I never plan a design. It just happens. This shows some of the doodling I started.

This pic above is just some more doodling over the watercolor. The reason I like this particular painting is because when you run your hand over it it feels like there's a layer of wax. That is from the watercolor crayon that I used.

This is the finished painting but the colors seem a little dim in this photo.

I have another I can show you. Its called "Finding its way in."  Its what I imagine how Alzheimers would enter the body.

This is getting started. 140lb hardpressed watercolor paper.

Just a lot more paint thrown down and now I can see how the image will come together.

When I added some more dark it became an outline of a head.

This is finished. I try to imagine what is going on inside a seriously ill brain. I wonder if the vision on the outside is the same as the inside of imaginings and colors and dreams, hallucinations and sad thoughts.
This person looks elderly to me, the face falling to the chest but the eyes seem to 'see' to me. What do you think?

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