Wednesday, October 6, 2010


When I need to feel good I always find a bookstore to go to. Usually I head to the magazine racks first to look for arts and crafts or fine art books. Today I only made it to the magazine section. I was surprised to find a young lady perched on the floor in front of the very section that I usually look at. I'm passionate about the Somerset magazines mostly and she was enjoying herself too much for me to ask her to move over and let me get in the front and center of the entire rack. I mentioned to her that I am usually the only one in this particular section and she asked me if I thought she could get subscriptions to these magazines. Im sure they could accommodate her on that and I told her so.

She began feeding me materials that she found useful and I filled my buggy with my soon to be wares and found a seat nearby. I ended up with Artful Blogging, the August September October 2010 issue. I love to see what others are blogging about and I am most interested in what they are busy creating.

I also bought the Quilting Arts Gifts magazine Holiday 2010 version. There's some really cute things they have made up for gifts in there. I especially liked the Scrappy Gingerbread Bookmarks by Kelli Nina Perkins. They are skinny little houses made from fabric with free motion stitching and donut doors and icing on the roofs. Pure magic for me. I love houses and stitching. They are to remind you of Gingerbread houses of course. Looking at them you can almost smell the sweet aroma of gingerbread ready to come out of the oven. I probably wouldn't use them as bookmarks though. I might frame them instead.

There was something else I liked and it was Artful Rag Dolls for Everyday Play by Debbi Crane. These are adorable dolls dressed in luscious colors and unusual but fun hairdos. Directions included. I love dolls but I enjoy looking at them more than I like making them. I think doll makers are creative and very patient people. My hat off to them!

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